1-1 Consults


A 1-1 consult gives you in-depth care.

An in-office or in-home  1-1 lactation consultation gives you the opportunity to individually address more complex feeding issues like newborn weight loss, persistent sore nipples, pain with feeding, slow weight gain, over-supply, fussy baby, tongue and lip tie evaluation, dysfunctional latching, feeding issues related to birth trauma, reoccurring plugged ducts or mastitis, preemies, multiples, previous breastfeeding difficulties, previous breast surgery, and adoptive breastfeeding. Mary is an expert at giving practical breastfeeding tips.

10 Minute Free Phone Call

If you have some details to check in with Mary about, have some brief questions, or don't even know what questions to begin asking, book a phone call. We'll take it from there and help you get to the level of lactation consultation that you need.

SDC package and Blue Columbine 1st visit

If you have an Springs Doula Circle package that includes a lactation visit, or if you are a client of Blue Columbine Midwifery, this visit will give you excellent breastfeeding tips. 

Mary can come to see you in your home, or in her office.

Within  a 15 mile radius of her office in Colorado Springs, Mary does not charge mileage. There is mileage charge of $20.00 for travel to Monument, Woodland Park, and  Falcon,  and a $30.00 charge for Divide and Peyton. There is a .50 cents per mile charge to come to Pueblo. 

You will be notified of a mileage charges before your lactation consultation. 

She will provide a 10% discount for lactation consultations done in her office.