Group Services


Breast Feeding Support Group

Breastfeeding is better when you meet other moms in Colorado Springs. Come get breastfeeding tips and support with your newborn. Check out the Breastfeeding Group at Enso, Tuesdays at 1pm. 

This is an IBCLC lactation consultant led safe space to discuss and work on your nursing issues like latching and positioning. You’ll get to ask your questions, weigh your baby to track milk transfer during a feeding or to track baby’s growth pace. You’ll meet other breastfeeding moms; the Breastfeeding Group builds community by design. You will receive encouragement on many levels. If you are having specific lactation difficulties, we’ll help you figure out if you need a clinic visit or a 1-1 consult. 

The Breastfeeding Group at Enso runs on a walk-in, donation basis. Get yourself in the door at 2501 W Colorado Ave 3B with your nursling. We'll love on you and send you out stronger, with renewed energy, information and ability to breastfeed. 


Breast Feeding Clinic

The Breastfeeding Clinic, at Enso in Colorado Springs on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:30, is an IBCLC led safe space to get about 20 minutes help to address specific breastfeeding challenges like sore nipples, low milk supply, and whether your baby is getting enough.  You be encouraged by meeting other moms in the clinic who need breastfeeding tips also. 

You’ll find expert help from a lactation consultant in this small group clinic. It doesn't replace a 1-1 consult, but can be a valuable follow/up to your 1-1, or a time to begin your investigation into your breastfeeding challenges. While geared to new babies, mamas experiencing feeding issues with older nurslings are welcome to attend this highly informative, hands-on clinic. Click the button below to register. Come with your nursling ready to address issues so that breastfeeding becomes more successful for you.