Lactation and Pumping Classes Are Held Monthly

Breastfeeding Basics Class


These interactive classes are held once a month.  Come learn the “How-To’s" of lactation: how to get your baby to latch well, how to tell if they are getting enough milk, and how to navigate some common breastfeeding issues after birth.  

Bring your partner; these classes are meant for both of you. 

The price of the class includes a coupon for 25% off a 1-1 lactation consult with Mary Enger RN,BSN,IBCLC.  

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Pumping and Returning to Work Class


Returning to work and continuing to give your baby your life giving milk can be challenging. Come to these personalized classes to learn the who's, what's, why's, how's, where's, and when's of pumping and working. 

Bring your pump and you nursling to these interactive and informative classes. 

This personalized part of your lactation journey can be empowering.

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