Dads are so vital to breastfeeding!

Dad can encourage mom. Verbally and non-verbally.


We all needs encouragement when we are working hard. 

Dads can give mom time off from baby.


Moms can easily get "touched out" so Dads can take over things like kangaroo care, diaper changes, rocking, walking and singing to baby.   Try to give mom an hour a day to herself for sleep or other activities. 

Dad can take over household chores or delegate them to friends.


Walking the dog, doing the laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping, taking out the trash, answering texts and emails, paying bills, etc. 

Dads can call for help


You are the person who knows mama the best, and can advocate for what she needs before she has strength to.  Lactation help,  friendship help,  doctor help,  postpartum depression help,  baby help..... you can be on her front line getting her help. 

Dads can be patient


Mama needs time and space to grow into motherhood. She needs to heal from labor and delivery.  She needs time and encouragement to learn to breastfeed.  She might not have time and energy for you.  Be patient and kind.   She needs you to be there for her  in the beginning weeks. 

Dads can affirm breastfeeding.


You can support breastfeeding by not suggesting that she give formula.  You can help calm baby instead of giving a pacifier.  You can bring her food and water; she will be hungry.  Let her know that you are on her team.