Top Reasons to Make an Appointment


Nipple Troubles

We were just not made to hurt there!  If you are, it's time for some help! Redness, cracking, bleeding, scabbing.... get help and say goodbye to these experiences. 

If you have flat or inverted nipples get some prenatal help as well as after baby is born. 

Latching Troubles

Does your baby fight or sleep when its time to eat?   If you are dreading this and the next feeding, toes curled, holding your breath, both of you crying, it's time to get help!

Low or Slow Weight Gain for Baby

If your baby is not back to birth weight by 7-10 days or isn't gaining about an ounce a day, it's time to get help!

Supply Troubles

Too little of a good thing and too much of a good thing can both be challenging.  If your baby is not gaining weigh well, is fussy during and between feedings, pops off and on during the feeding, wants to feed more than 10-12 times a day, if baby's doctor has recommended supplementing with formula.... it's time to get help!  I can help you with the making and taking of the milk.  Lets get together and make it better! 

Breastfeeding Risk Factors

Sometimes there are breastfeeding speed bumps.  If you have any of the following lets get together and get over the bump in the road: PCOS, Previous Breast Surgery, Infertility Issues, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Diseases, and /or Arm or Hand Weaknesses.  It's time to get some help! 

Breast Pain

Engorgement that makes you think more about your breasts than about your baby means its time for some help.  

Plugged ducts, blebs and Mastitis warrant a plan. Don't go it alone.  Get some help today! 


Specialty Babies

Premies, Late Preterm Babies, and Twins require extra lactation help. Their issues are unique to them and usually benefit from a unique breastfeeding plan for awhile. It's time to get help!  

Pumping and Returning to Work

I teach a class for pumping and returning to work monthly.  You can continue to give your baby your life giving milk.  It surely helps to have a well thought out plan though. Come on in and get some help! 

Baby's Oral Difficulties

Does your baby have a tongue or lip tie?  Is a cleft lip or palate part of your baby's journey?  I can help you figure out how to keep giving your baby your life giving milk, and connect with other professionals that can really help.