Top Reasons to Make an Appointment


Nipple Troubles

We were just not made to hurt there, and I have breastfeeding tips to help! Nipple pain, redness, cracking, bleeding, scabbing, flat or inverted nipples.... you can get to the other side! Get lactation services from Mary and say goodbye to these experiences. 

Latching Troubles

Are you dreading the next feeding? Is your nipple pain and latching difficulties making both you and your baby cry? Does your baby latch and then sleep when its time to eat?If this describes you it's time to get professional lactation services! Mary has breastfeeding tips to create positive change.

Low or Slow Weight Gain for Baby

Is your baby not back to birth weight by 7-10 days, or is not gaining about an ounce a day? Our lactation services can help by giving you practical breastfeeding tips so your baby grows well.

Breastfeeding tips and other reasons to seek lactation services.

Too little of a good thing and too much of a good thing can both be challenging.  If your baby is not gaining weigh well, is fussy during and between feedings, pops off and on during the feeding, wants to feed more than 10-12 times a day, if baby's doctor has recommended supplementing with formula.... it's time to seek professional lactation services! Supply problems can also result in nipple pain. Mary's breastfeeding tips can help with supply and feeding issues.  Lets get together and make it better! 

Breastfeeding Risk Factors

Sometimes there are breastfeeding speed bumps.  If you have any of the following conditions, I have breastfeeding tips get over the bumps in the road: PCOS, Previous Breast Surgery, Infertility Issues, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Diseases, and /or Arm or Hand Weaknesses.  Seek lactation services quickly to get the help you need.

Breast Pain

Plugged ducts, blebs, engorgement, mastitis, and general nipple pain threaten to derail breastfeeding. Don't go it alone. Mary provides lactation services and breastfeeding tips to solve these common issues. Get some help today! 


Specialty Babies

Premies, Late Preterm Babies, and Twins require extra lactation services. Their issues are unique to them and both you and your baby will benefit from a unique plan with breastfeeding tips to prevent nipple pain and promote lactation success. 

Pumping and Returning to Work

I teach classes every month that are full of breastfeeding tips for pumping and returning to work.  Professional lactation services give you the know-how to successfully work and breastfeed your baby at the same time. Sign up for a class today! 

Baby's Oral Difficulties

Does your baby have a tongue or lip tie?  Is a cleft lip or palate part of your baby's journey?  Mary has breastfeeding tips to help you keep giving your baby your life giving milk. Lactation services can also help connect you with other professionals that might be needed to create solutions.